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Genere : Horror

Durata: 90 Minuti

Italia/Usa 2017 

Regia di Bryan Skiba

Deprivation, a SciFi Horror film based on the horrifying Russian Sleep Deprivation experiments which took place in the 70s. World War Z meets 28 Days Later set in Rome, Italy. Did anyone expect such results and more importantly is the world safe?

Cast: Gianni Capaldi, Dominique Swain, William McNamara,

Costas Mandylor, Mara Rydell, Aaron Lee, Donna Splangler, Charlotte Beckett, Holly Lynch, Kirsten Lea,Vincent De Paul,

Miguel Gobbo Diaz, Giacomo Gonnella,Giulia Brunamonti.

Cinematography by Davide Manca.

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